Ancestry Academy announces short courses — GEG recommended

AAncestry Academy Short Coursesncestry Academy has introduced a welcome addition to its already stellar course offerings.  Academy members can now enjoy short courses, less than five minutes, presented by some of the world’s most qualified genealogy instructors. This wonderful resource has earned its place in our Wish I’d Known Series.


Ancestry Academy: I wish I’d known

I probably ignored’s gentle reminders that it offered genealogy education in its Ancestry Academy many time.  I think I checked it out once, saw that it had a price tag, and did what way too many of us do, to our detriment: waited for the free option.

But then I got lucky. I attended the annual genealogy conference at the University of West Alabama last year and won a one-year’s membership to Ancestry Academy in a lunchtime prize drawing. So I got it for free.

I began to take the courses, and added one more item to my “Wish I’d Known” list. Here, for $99 a year, I could have been enjoying unlimited access to a wealth of online courses worth $99 each.  An hour with Amy Johnson Crow? Anne Gillespie Mitchell? Mark Lowe, Pamela Sayre, Thomas Jones, Deborah Abbot, Judy Russell?

I’ve learned so much from this academy since, but often I have trouble carving out an entire hour for anything. So I was delighted this morning to read that the Ancestry Academy now offers short courses.

Truly, my questions about genealogy often could be answered in less than five minutes, if I had five minutes with the right mentor.

Eight short courses have appeared in Ancestry Academy’s catalog, and the number will grow. The new courses give instruction on many of the key censuses and vital records. They offer one on the WWII “Old Man’s” Draft.

I took my first short course a few minutes ago: “The 1890 Census: Where is it?” Two minutes and 19 seconds of my life, and I now know what happened to it, what’s left of it, and how to get around its absence.

I highly recommend Ancestry Academy for my fellow GEGs in the making. Don’t wait to win it, because you’re wasting more than $99 a year doing things the hard way.

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